1. Druh Synchro photo.

  2. Securing city to earth’s wet flesh (10 frames)
    larger size here: http://wp.me/p4nfFG-E6

  3. Sleepy GIF on Etobicoke lakeshore. Six frames, 900 X 600 pixels, 573 KB

  4. Gowan reports on spit in new shoes (16 frames)
    big size on gifnik.com: http://wp.me/p4nfFG-DY

  5. Shadowy, watery selfie GIF

  6. Six frames of mild sunstroke

  7. Seven frames of ducks on a log
    full size here: http://wp.me/p4nfFG-DM

  8. Gzowski Park, Lake Ontario, West Toronto

  9. Down the QEW

  10. Niagara River in Ontario